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Tenancy Criteria - Rent with ADVENT

Advent Real Estate Services Ltd.

The most important job in Property Management is choosing the right tenant. When done properly
all other aspects of the Agent/Landlord & Tenant/Property Manager relationships will fall into place.

The process begins at the first showing:

  • The prospective tenant should arrive on time, this shows respect for the Agent and interest in the property

The Applicant must:

  • Complete the application in FULL
  • Be willing to put a deposit on the property as a show of good faith
  • Have an excellent rental payment history
  • Keep their current home in excellent condition
  • Be co-operative with his/her current landlord
  • Have an adequate "Beacon score" (grade) on their credit history
  • Have a history of making payments on time and have not used up all available credit

Offshore Applicants will also require:

  • Valid Passport
  • Work or Student visa
  • Letters of employment or reference
  • Local guarantor to co-sign the Lease Agreement

Pet Policy

  • Pets will be permitted when specified
  • Pet Deposit of 50% required
  • References required
  • Each case will be decided individually

Smoking Policy

  • No smoking in any of our rental properties
  • No exceptions, this is grounds for eviction

Advent Real Estate Services Ltd. does NOT charge application and processing
fees as per clause 15 of the Residential Tenancy Act stated below.

15. A landlord must not charge a person anything for

(a) accepting an application for a tenancy,
(b) processing the application,
(c) investigating the applicant's suitability as a tenant, or
(d) accepting the person as a tenant


Tenant Obligations Under The Residential Tenancy Act

A tenant must maintain reasonable health, cleanliness and sanitary standards throughout
the rental unit and the other residential property to which the tenant has access.

A tenant of a rental unit must repair damage to the rental unit or common areas that is caused by
the actions or neglect of the tenant or a person permitted on the residential property by the tenant.

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