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Strata Manager vs. Property Manager

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By far the most common question we encounter regarding property management is; "What's the difference between a Strata Property Manager and a Rental Property Manager?" Although both types of management are now required to be licensed individually under the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC), the primary difference between the two is who their client is; a Strata Property Manager is hired by the Strata Corporation of a building (a Strata Corporation comprises of all the owners of suites within that building) represented by the elected Strata Council of that Corporation - a Strata Property Manager therefore reports to the Strata Council and manages and advises the Council on the everyday running of the building as a whole. A Rental Property Manager, on the other hand, is hired by an individual suite owner in the building to manage and maintain their investment property - they represent the interest of the investment buyer only. A good Rental Property Manager views a property investment in the same manner as a Broker would view a financial investment - with an eye on the bottom line ... maximum return, long-term growth and the maintenance of the investment integrity of the suite.


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