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Do I Need a Professional Property Manager? What will they do for me?

Rental Property Management Articles

Whether you own an investment property (or 10!) that you would like to rent out - furnished or unfurnished (long or short term) or a 'Holiday Home' that you only spend a brief time occupying each year and on which would like to garner some extra income, a Professional Property Manager can provide you with ease of mind. Many first time purchasers of investment property feel that they can manage their suite and tenancy on their own. While in some cases that works out just fine, the maze of Rules, Regulations and Bylaws put forward by individual Strata Corporations, compounded by the complexity of both the Residential Tenancy and Strata Properties Acts of British Columbia often leave a self-managing investment owner with problems they are unable to handle - to the detriment of their bottom line. Placing tenancies without the proper screening can not only result in property damage and lost income for the investor, but can also cause problems within the Strata Community in which they purchased. Emergency issues (at 4am, Christmas Day or when you're on vacation) can be overwhelming when you don't have qualified tradesmen ready and willing to attend. Regular suite inspections, followed up with a pro-active maintenance programme, are necessary to ensure that you can capture the highest rental rate from value-added, home-proud tenants and compete in as competitive market as is our fast-growing Vancouver area.


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