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Advent Real Estate Services - Company Profile

Mission Statement & Objective

Mission Statement

"It is our goal to provide excellent service to our clients through a responsive attitude, active pursuit of our clients' objectives and timely reporting. In the process, we focus on developing a high level of trust and strong relationships with our clients."



Our aim is to keep your property rented to qualified, long term tenants to maximize your rental income potential and minimize costly turnover. With our professionally trained and licensed Property Managers you can be sure that you will achieve maximized rental income for your investment property.


Personalized Services you can Expect

  • Friendly, prompt service

  • Maximized rental incomes

  • Prompt dispersements deposited directly to your personal account

  • Rents and Security Deposits held in audited trust accounts

  • Financial statements emailed to you monthly

  • Comprehensive web advertisements for your suite - "ADVENT has set industry standards in internet marketing"!

  • Legal documentation in compliance with the Residential Tenancy Act

  • Thorough tenant screening

  • Regular suite inspections to protect your investment

  • 24/7 emergency on call services by mobile phone

  • Flexible showing times to maximize the prompt placement of a tenancy

  • Working with and effectively overseeing qualified tradespeople

  • Your Property Manager is always available by mobile phone or email for your convenience
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